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Exmouth Community College

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Media and Film Studies

L3 Media - OCR Cambridge Technical 

Examination board specification: L3 Media - OCR Cambridge Technical 

This course allows students to gain experience in a number of media disciplines. Over six internally assessed units, students produce detailed portfolios which see media products produced from just an idea through to post-production.  Students will produce convincing media products and follow “real world” production processes, as well as having access to industry standard software and equipment. The course encourages students to gain experience in producing media products to a professional standard and where possible, for real clients.

Units include:

  • Photography for media products
  • Print-based advertising media
  • Video production
  • Print media production
  • Audio for moving image products
  • Visual effects for moving image products
  • Plus many more covering the full range of media industries.

Film A-Level

Examination board specification: Eduqas

This course is aimed at those with a keen interest in movies and those who want to develop their own practical skills in screen writing or short film production.

The Eduqas A-level Film Studies course gives students the opportunity to explore not only how film entertains and engages but also the impact it has on the audience's response and how it reflects the society in which it was made.

By studying a wide range of films from the silent era and "dream factory" of the Hollywood studio era, right through to contemporary offbeat British indie movies and experimental film, students will gain a thorough understanding of the importance, the art and the impact of film-making. The course invites students to channel their inspiration and creativity in developing either a screenplay or a short film as part of the coursework element (30%).

Media Studies A-Level

Examination board specification: Eduqas

The media plays a significant role in contemporary culture, society and politics as well as having a crucial role in shaping our own life experiences.

Media Studies allows us to examine how media texts are both produced and consumed. It allows us to explore how technology is changing our relationship with the media and ever increasingly putting us, the audience, in the position of producer.

The Eduqas A Level course provides students with the opportunity to not only study a range of media texts and to apply theoretical frameworks but also to develop practical production skills in the form of a coursework element (30%).