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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Modern Languages

Key Stage 5 French/Spanish A-Level

Examination board specification: AQA French, AQA Spanish

A language is looked upon favourably within the “working environment” and often language graduates earn more than their peers.

An A level language builds on the core skills and topics taught at GCSE and looks in more detail at topics such as:

In addition, students will study one literary text and one film from a prescribed list.

The main aims are to ensure that students are fully prepared for the A Level exam whilst equipping them to be confident speakers able to converse in a variety of different situations.

Where it leads?

An A Level in French/Spanish is accepted as an appropriate qualification, alongside other A levels for entry into a university degree course or other career paths.

Many of our language students have gone on to study at Russell groups universities and have embarked on courses such as: Medicine, Law, French & Spanish and Law and Spanish to name but a few.