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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Computing / ICT

Mission statement

This department seeks to emulate the development of the real world which increasingly relies on digital technologies by developing an on-line curriculum to support learning.

This curriculum wherever possible should work towards ..

  1. ..using a formative teaching style that uses problem solving as the main learning strategy with the intention to develop learner resilience and independence.
  2.  learners  excellent and detailed feedback which strongly encourages them to reflect and provide thoughtful and considerate responses in order to develop a better and deeper understanding.
  3. .. promoting wherever possible the school focus areas of literacynumeracyextended writingreading and listening.  Further, to promote the need for the school as a whole to address the challenges that new technologies bring and develop Digital Literacy and Computer Science because they are likely to be vital for prosperity and success in all aspects of life in the future.
  4. ... providing examples of careers and great role models, from different cultures, genders and orientation, of those who have been successful in digital and computer science industry.
  5. .. encourage pupils to use computers safely and responsibly.
  6. .. employing regular summative reviews to recap on all foundation knowledge, skills and key terminology.