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Exmouth Community College

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Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Welcome to Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at Exmouth Community College is a thriving department which adds huge value to all our student’s lives.

Our main aim is to support all our young people in understanding, accepting and being inquisitive of the complexities of other people’s religion, non-religion and/or spirituality. For us, this starts with all our young people loving their RPE lessons. This can only happen through building excellent relationships with our students and creating interactive, relevant and thought-provoking lessons. In order to help our students in becoming thoughtful learners who evaluate and discuss and do not prejudge or discriminate, we create a classroom culture where all students feel safe to discuss questions of meaning and their place in the world. It is important for our students to look beyond what they experience in our largely mono-cultural Exmouth. We want to help our students grapple with key issues that are affecting, and will affect, their lives in and outside of Exmouth (including those linked to SMSC, SRE, British Values and modern affairs). Much of this is done in the classroom, but we try to find as many opportunities as we can to welcome outside speakers to help broaden our student’s horizons.

Our 5 year curriculum programme aims to achieve all this and make a major contribution to the knowledge and understanding that pupils need to succeed in life.