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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Expectations of Students

Exmouth Community College students should 

Accept responsibility for their actions — All students must accept responsibility for their actions and the consequences.

Behaviour — We expect our students to have high standards of behaviour at all times and follow the ECC Way.

In Class — Students must follow the instructions of the teacher or support staff without question and when starting lesson follow;

All students must

  • Have a pen, pencil, ruler and all other specified equipment in a clear pencil case
  • Bring the correct books, including a reading book
  • Always do their best
  • Ask for help if they don’t understand
  • Always have their Student Planner on their desk
  • Enter/Leave in an orderly manner according to ‘Our Routines’
  • Not disturb others in any way
  • Allow others to work without distractions
  • Pack away only when told to do so
  • Only leave with the permission of the teacher

Around the College Site, as part of the ECC Way;


  • All students will follow the instructions of teaching and other staff without question — failure to do so will result in short term suspension in the first instance
  • Students will move about the site responsibly and without disturbing others
  • Students will move to their next lesson without delay and line up outside the class
  • During breaks and lunch-times, students will respect each other and the College buildings and grounds
  • Litter bins will be used for all rubbish