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Key Stage 4 Daily Bulletin ​


Year 11 Easter Revision Programme

Please see Class Charts for all updates and information. An announcement has been sent confirming that the dates and times of the programme are exactly as initially planned, but that the rooming has changed for English due to high uptake.

Students can opt or access/edit their choices by following this link:

The Year 11 '9-1 Countdown Revision Plan' has launched!

Access your '9-1 Revision Countdown' from your ClassCharts announcements or in your Year 11 Teams file. Click this link.

Marine Visit



KOOTH Support for Parents and Carers

In April Kooth are running webinars specifically to help parents and carers support children sitting exams. This is a free session and are running on Mon 22 Apr. 1-2pm and Thu 25 Apr. 6-7pm



The Library will be closed from Wednesday 13th Period 4 onwards for the rest of the day to attend a meeting at Exeter Library.


Homework and Study Support

 Available on Monday to Thursday from 3.00pm - 4.00pm in the 500's ICT rooms

Please email any questions to


Equipment - Purple Pens

Students should have a purple pen to respond to a teacher's feedback/show improvements in their work. Please go to the Gipsy Lane Achievement Hub if you need to borrow one. 

Lunch Time Football Fixtures:-

For our latest news, including the Parent / Carer, please click here

To contact Tutors and Subject Leaders, see the full list here 

Interested in extracurricular activities? See the full list on offer here 

Music Department Year 11 Support - every Thursday after school in room 254 and also welcome to work on Coursework any break, lunchtime or after school.  Please click on the link Exmouth Community College - Music Clubs and Tuition (