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Exmouth Community College

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Uniform and Personal Appearance

Our uniform is designed to present a positive image of our College, to both our local and wider community.  All students in Years 7 to 11 wear uniform.


UNIFORM QUESTIONS:  In any circumstances where there is a question about the suitability of any item of uniform or the personal appearance of a students then the principals decision will be final.



Navy V-neck, with crest from approved supplier. Jumpers must be worn at all times unless students are given permission not to by a member of staff. The hem of the jumper must be visible.


Must have the correct coloured stripe for your child's relevant year group.



A plain white shirt or blouse with tailored collar, which must be tucked into trousers or skirt at all times. Shirts must not be rolled up to avoid any exposure of the back or torso. 



Polished black shoes without logos


See update here:

SKIRTS  (Girls Only)

See update here:



Plain black without logos

Bag & Coat 

All students must have bag for books/kit and a top coat - both of which must be plain, dark coloured and waterproof.


Other requirements regarding appearance:

HAIR:  Hair must be neat and tidy in a conventional style and of a colour that appears natural. We would like to remind parents and carers that we do not allow students to have their hair cut below a grade 2 or to have very extreme differences in hair length.

MAKE UP:  No make up may be worn by any student in Years 7-11 inc. 

[This includes: false eyelashes, false nails and painted eyebrows, none of which are allowed].

JEWELLERY:   No jewellery may be worn except for one small stud in each ear.

[Rings may NOT be worn].

BRACELETS & NECKLACES:  No bracelets / necklaces may be worn.

[Except Medicare bracelets/necklaces].

BODY PIERCING:  No visible body piercing is allowed.


Students may not wear:

  • Canvass, open toed or backless shoes
  • Boots / Trainers (except in PE) 
  • Fancy or decorated clothing including belts
  • Tube skirts
  • Jeans, leggings, skinny or flared trousers, chinos, combat trousers. Trousers with rivets or studs, drain pipes or low waisted trousers. 
  • Leather or denim jackets 
  • Hats - except in extreme weather 
  • Tracksuits
  • Hooded tops or tops made from  material which is not waterproof
  • An external jacket must be worn over the College jumper, not instead of it (students should not wear their jumper instead of a coat. If they do so they will be asked to remove their coat and place it in their bag. If they repeatedly wear their coat instead of a jumper then the coat will be confiscated. If the jumper has been lost it should be replaced as soon as possible and a note from parents or carers given to the child to present to the member of staff if questioned. Staff will use their professional judgement to decide if a coat can be taken off based on the weather conditions).
  • White or colour socks

Uniform Suppliers 

All the uniform, except shoes, is available to purchase from two uniform suppliers:   

Proserve Group Unit 3, Dinan Way Trading Estate, Exmouth EX8 4RS & Ship Shape 16-18 Albion Hill, Exmouth, EX 1JL