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Exmouth Community College

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Sport and Leisure

Welcome to the Sport and Leisure Department

The Physical Education department at Exmouth College strives to provide:

A high quality Physical Education experience, with a strong curriculum which is broad and balanced, valued and understood by students with relevant, progressive, clear pathways through all key stages.

Increased opportunities for all young people in curricular, without diluting the quality and making increasing use of coaches and adults other than teachers.

An environment where students value and enjoy PE and achieve their individual potential. Students are supported in order to achieve PE examination success.  Individual student achievements are celebrated.

Experiences that make students feel confident in a physical setting, allow them to be able to manage their bodies, make decisions and show commitment, fairness and tolerance for others.

A culture where PE staff are unified and ambitious in PE and morale is high. All staff feel valued and share this vision for PE, physical activity and sport.

Our main aim, is for all students to have a consistent experience of Physical Education that is full of positivity and that leads to the correct courses being chosen in KS4 and KS5.

Ensure a positive attitude and confident approach towards the new curriculum from both staff and students to allow students to have the opportunity to reach and exceed their target grades.