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Exmouth Community College

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Business Studies

Department Rationale:

Business Studies has always been an important subject for students. Our economy is underpinned by small businesses employing 1-5 people and providing goods and services.  There are thousands of small businesses around the South West and they all help to support the economy and ensure there are future jobs available.

Business Studies has become a well-regarded qualification and is increasing in popularity over the last 5 to 10 years.  There are many programmes on TV that have helped encourage young people to become entrepreneurs and small business owners.

What does Business Studies look like at Exmouth Community College?

Business Studies at Exmouth Community College, is all about helping students understand the complexity of business and management and to give students the opportunity to set up a business for real and learn from that experience. The department is well resourced and staffed with experienced practitioners offering extra-curricular opportunities and visits to local and national businesses. The department is also part of the nationally recognised 'Young Enterprise' scheme, offering young people the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.