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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust


Welcome to the Music Department. Our team of Music professionals (all active musicians) work in purpose-built accommodation, including two recording studios, two Mac Suites, three Music classrooms and several practice rooms. The team includes a full-time technician and several visiting instrumental teachers, covering woodwind, strings, brass, percussion, guitar and voice.


The overriding aim is for students to . . . 

  • Acquire performance techniques and develop musicianship 
  • Enjoy Music 
  • Develop understanding of musical contexts and cultures 

The curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for students to build upon their prior learning, establish inter-relational links between key knowledge strands: Performing, Composing, Listening (Technical and Expressive), Singing and Notation. The design takes into account staff strengths as well as the impact of being in a coastal, South West society, looking at the cultural capital that can be added to enhance student experience and knowledge.   

Key knowledge is developed through an eclectic selection of topics:  from Folk to Fusion, Bach to Beyonce, European to Caribbean we take students on a journey of musical exploration and discovery.


The extra-curricular programme is provided to enhance learning and give an added dimension to knowledge acquired. A weekly programme of activities is available, and students are encouraged to participate throughout the key stages. There are many opportunities for students to take part in public performances throughout the year, both inside and outside College. A performance tour abroad is usually undertaken biennially. There are also opportunities for students to engage with a Musical Production (again biennially) either as cast members or band members.   

This additional aim for extra-curricular activities is for students to … 

  • Experience the joy of making music for and in the community