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Knowledge Organisers







This section of the website is being updated. Students have access to their KOs from within their Teams or Class Charts, as indicated in homework instructions from Teaching Staff. Apologies for any confusion or inconvenience.

What are Knowledge Organisers?

Knowledge Organisers (KOs) contain the key information, concepts and subject specific terminology that students will be taught within lessons and then need to know for each particular subject / qualification.

How will Knowledge Organisers be used?

All students across Years 7-11 will be taught how to use KOs to support their homework learning, using a selection of key techniques (see student guide below). For homework, a specific section of a KO will be expected to be reviewed and memorised, as far as possible. This will compliment the tasks and activities undertaken in lessons. 

How will Knowledge Organisers help students?

Being able to memorise and recall information is vital for success in the current exam system. Students will build on their understanding of what is being taught, alongside developing their ability to memorise and recall information. Over time, this will push knowledge and key information from their 'working memory' (short term / day to day) into their ‘long term memory’.

Learning will be reviewed, again and again, even after the teacher has moved on from one topic to another. This is important as while students may remember some information, they will forget much of what has been taught unless they review it.

How will Knowledge Organiser tasks be set for homework?

Teachers will continue to set homework on Class Charts for each subject. This will usually be related to specific parts of the KOs. Using the techniques in the student guide below, such as the ‘look-cover-write-check-correct’ technique.  Students will complete their homework in preparation for quizzes and low stakes tests in lessons. 

As students become more familiar and confident in this technique, teachers will introduce other techniques. Eventually, students will be able to use the techniques they prefer and which are the most successful, as identified through success in tests, assessments and examinations.

Will Knowledge Organiser tasks be the only homework set?

No. Students may also have other homework tasks set in addition to their KO homework, particularly in Years 10 and 11, due to the increasing expectations and demands of the new curriculum and qualifications. 

How and when will students be given the Knowledge Organisers?

At the start of every Half Term, students in Key Stage 3 will be able to access their KOs for the following Half Term.
Students in Key Stage 4 will have part or whole qualification KO provided for the Core Subjects and for the Options Subjects they are studying. 

Hard copies can be provided for students, where home access to ICT may be difficult. For environmental reasons and costs, we do not want to print out hard copies for all students. If Parents/Carers need hard copies for their child, please add a note in your child's Student Planner for the attention of his/her Tutor or Head of Year.

Where will students complete their Knowledge Organiser homework?

Students will be given a KO Workbook where all KO homework should be completed. Students will be expected to write the date, the subject and the title of the homework, all underlined, to make it clear what homework has been completed and when. Students will also be given a wallet/folder in which to keep their Workbook.

How will Knowledge Organiser homework be monitored?

By Tutors

Students will be expected to bring their KO Workbook to College every day. Tutors will check that students have their KO Wallet/Folder as part of the daily equipment check.

By Subject Teachers

Homework will be monitored as normal with students being rewarded for completion and making progress, particularly in their ability to apply the new memory techniques to their work.

By Parents/Carers

Please review your child’s homework, adding notes / comments if you wish. Any missed home worked will be reported to you.
Students will be expected to catch up on missed homework during break / lunchtime or after College, in line with current College policy.

Homework completed in the KO Workbook will not be marked. Staff will continue to mark and give feedback on students' work in line with the current College policy.

Support for completing homework will be available after College, at the KS3 Homework & Study Support Sessions, Monday - Thursday, 3pm - 4pm, in the ICT Rooms, upstairs in the 500's Block on Gipsy Lane. Also, students can always speak to their Teachers, Tutor and of course, use the student guide below.