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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Classroom Equipment

Students will be asked to present their pencil case, Student Planner and reading book to their Tutor.

Students without the required equipment will receive a negative impression mark in their Planner and a sanction.

Equipment that students should have EVERY day

  • A secure, named waterproof bag capable of carrying everything required.
  • A suitable dark coloured waterproof coat for bad weather (see Uniform and Personal Appearance). Coats should be worn over the jumper.
  • 2 pens for writing — black only.
  • A purple pen for completing feedback on teacher’s marking.
  • A highlighter.
  • A pencil, a rubber, a ruler and pencil sharpener.
  • A protractor for Maths — a compass will be provided by the College in Maths lessons.
  • clear see-through pencil case capable of holding the above.
  • A calculator (available from the Accounts Office at a discounted price).
  • Coloured pencils (or felt tips), if possible.
  • Scissors will be provided by the College if needed.

Reading Book

This book must be an Accelerated Reader (AR) recognised book and should be of a suitable reading age within the students AR profile.

Student Planner

The Student Planner should be carried by students at all times during the College day and must be placed on desks at the start of each lesson and presented to a member of College staff if they request it. Student Planners will be given out at the start of each term by the tutor.