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Exmouth Community College

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Year 09 - KO's

Academic Year 2020-2021

At the beginning of each Half Term, Knowledge Organisers for the following Half Term's curriculum can be found here.
There will be six sets of Knowledge Organisers in a school year, starting with HT1.

Click on the relevant link below to choose the subject / half term you would like to learn about.

Year 9 - KS3




Auditory Processing HT1_09AP HT2_09AP HT3_09AP HT4_09AP HT5_09AP  
Art HT1_09Art HT2_09Art as HT2 as HT2 -  
Biology see Science HT2_09Bio HT3_09Bio HT4_09Bio Ht5_09Bio  
Chemistry see Science HT2_09Che HT3_09Che Ht4_09Che Ht5_09che  
D&T - Food and Nutrition HT1_09D&Tf as HT1 HT3_09D&Tf rotation rotation  
D&T  HT1_09D&Tg as HT1 HT3_09D&T rotation Ht5_09Res Mats  
D&T - Textiles HT1_09D&Tt as HT1 HT3_09D&Tt rotation rotation  
Drama HT1_09Dra HT2_09Dra HT3_09Dra as HT3 HT9_09Dra HT6_09Dra
English HT1_09Eng HT2_09Eng HT3_09Eng as HT3 HT5_09Eng  
French HT1_09Fre HT2_09Fre HT3_09Fre as HT3 -  
Geography HT1_09Geo as HT1 HT3_09Geo HT4_09Geo as HT4  
History HT1_09His HT2_09His HT3_09His HT4_09His HT5_09His  
ICT/Computing HT1_09Com HT2_09Com HT3_09Ict HT3 + HT4_09ICT -  
Latin HT1_Lat HT2_09Lat HT3_09Lat as HT3 -  
Maths - Foundation HT1_09MaF as HT1 HT3_09MaF as HT3 HT5_09MaF  
Maths - Higher HT1_09MaH as HT1 HT3_09MaH as HT3 HT5_09MaH  
Music HT1_09Mus as HT1 HT3_09Mus HT4_09Mus Ht5_09Mus  
PE 09PE          
Physics see Science HT2_09Phy HT3_09Phy as HT2&3 -  
Religion HT1_09Rel HT2_09Rel HT3_09Rel as HT3 HT5_09Rel HT6_09Rel
Science HT1_09Sci - - - -  
Spanish HT01_09Spa HT2_09Spa HT3_09Spa HT4_09Spa -