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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Key Stage 5 Daily Bulletin

Exmouth Ecos - Open to all Staff and Students

Interested in getting involved? Mrs Oakes-Ash would love to hear from you! Please email by 7th May to be included in upcoming communications.  If you missed the video link to explain why we had Earth Day, please watch this short YouTube video



Leaving Green Close

Please remember that the gates into Phear Park will be closed at the end of the college day. You must exit Green Close via Gate 1 or 2

COVID testing

Please keep testing twice a week, new boxes are ready to be collected from Lara in Post 16 reception

Year 12

Your tutors all have computer rooms booked for PD each week to help you with the post 18 application process

Super curricular

Go here regularly to get support with post 18

Need help trying to find a job? Try the Job Centre Website: