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Assessment & Reports


Assessment is the ongoing process teachers use to gather data about what students know and to identify any knowledge gaps. Students are assessed in many different ways.  This will include teacher questioning, exercises to retrieve prior knowledge, quizzes, marking of books and work completed and more formal assessments. Departments will plan what type of assessment is appropriate at specific times.  Assessments will always be linked to the curriculum plans that have been published and the Knowledge Organisers that students use for Home Learning.

Curriculum plans also show what types of formal assessments will be carried out during each learning cycle.  Reports will show how well students have learnt and applied the subject content (see 'Reports' below).

For some work, marking will include a formative comment. Students are expected to respond to this feedback and work towards correcting or making improvements in their work.  We call this process 'Praise, Action and Response' (PAR).

In addition, we may also highlight spelling mistakes in "pink" for students to correct - this is called 'Think Pink'.

Subjects will use the data from assessments to identify any knowledge gaps or ways in which a student can be challenged further.  We set aside time in the curriculum to go over or extend subject knowledge.  These lessons are called 'Learn, Progress, Grow' lessons/weeks.

Each teacher is expected to know how each student is progressing and in particular, those with special needs and those who are very high attainers. 

Formal assessments, are recorded electronically and are the basis of the written reports to parents.

After each report, students are encouraged to reflect on their engagement and progress.

The Curriculum Plans show you what your child is learning.

Assessments and Reports show you how well they know it.


Student reports will be issued three times during the academic year. They will be sent electronically to parents or by hard copy if requested via the relevant Key Stage Office.  Therefore, it is vital we have an up to date email address and mobile telephone number for every parent/carer

Reports Key Stage 3, 4 and 5

Please see attachments below for a full explanation.