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Exmouth Community College

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PE Kit

Students should come prepared, with the correct kit

From September 2023, all students must wear full uniform every day to College and change for PE lessons. 

As recently communicated, all Year Groups (7 to 11) will be permitted to wear full uniform every day from September and change into their PE kit for lessons. 

College PE kit branded items from September 2023  

  • Branded PE T-Shirt (purple) 
  • Approved College ¼ Zip Top from uniform suppliers   

College PE kit non-branded items from September 2023  

  • Black College shorts (including 2 in 1 athletic shorts) - Plain Black similar style - (small logo only) - No cycling shorts (Nike pro) 
  • Long black football socks  
  • Short black trainer socks   
  • Suitable training shoes - Air force 1 are not allowed for lessons. 
  • Gum shield - will be needed for hockey and rugby lessons 
  • Shin pads - will be needed for hockey and football lessons 

 The following kit is optional for all years:  

  • Football boots - will be needed for fixtures 
  • Plain black tracksuit trouser (small logos only) - full white stripes not allowed. 
  • Suitable quality non-see-through black leggings (small logo) 
  • Plain black base layer   
  • Dark coat if wet 

Year 10 & 11 GCSE and Health and Fitness students. 

  • Blue College exam T-shirt - this is optional and does not need to be purchased 

No hooded tops are allowed 

Earrings must be removed for PE lessons. 

For students studying Key Stage 4 PE exam subjects, there is no longer a requirement to purchase a separate GCSE PE shirt (students can wear their purple PE shirt) however it remains an optional item if you wish to purchase it. In addition, students studying Dance will be able to change into their PE kit for lessons, however, it will be optional to purchase a black t-shirt and plain black tracksuit rather than a branded kit as previously required.  

Uniform Suppliers 

All the uniform, except shoes, is available to purchase from the two uniform suppliers Proserve and Shipshape. If you choose to purchase your items elsewhere, they must conform to our expectations.  Our uniform suppliers are:   

ProserveUnit 3, Dinan Way Trading Estate, Exmouth EX8 4RS

Shipshape: 18 Albion St, Exmouth EX8 1JL