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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Items Not Allowed

  • Any electronic music/communication/photographic devices
    e.g. ipods/iwatches/smart watches/ipads etc (see mobile phones below)  
  • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapes and any illegal substance
  • Drugs that are not for a prescribed medical purpose
  • Chewing gum, aerosol cans, Tippex, hand held computer games, BB guns and laser pens
  • Guns of ANY description including toys
  • Knives of ANY description including toys

These items will be confiscated if found on a student. The College takes no responsibly for the safety of any item if lost, stolen or damaged.

Weapons and drugs are strictly forbidden

Any student found bringing any of the items listed into College, will be dealt with seriously:

  • alcohol
  • drugs/psychoactive substances
  • weapons of ANY kind (including toys/replica weapons)

Disciplinary action will be taken and may result in exclusion (see Drug Incident Management Policy).


Students caught smoking cigarettes/e-cigarettes/vapes on the College site or smoking to and from College, will be excluded.

Students found with a lighter, matches or cigarettes/e-cigarettes/vapes will receive sanctions.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones (and all other electronic/communication/recording devices) must be switched OFF and kept in a bag whilst on the College site

Students must not:

  • send or receive text messages
  • access the Internet/blog/social sites
  • take photographs, record video or audio
  • have telephone conversations while on site

In Emergencies: 

All students have access to their Year Office from which emergency calls can be made supervised by, or made by, College staff on a landline.

The following rules apply to ALL students

Any mobile telephone or other communication/recording/technology device seen or heard being used anywhere on site will be confiscated. It will be stored in the College safe (and will include the SIM Card/Memory Card). The College takes no responsibly for the safety of any item if lost, stolen or damaged.

  • A first confiscation will be for 5 days
  • A second confiscation will be for 6 months
  • Any electronic device containing offensive/pornographic material will be confiscated during any investigation and may be passed to the police.