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Exmouth Community College

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Lead Learners

At Exmouth Community College, our central ethos is Learn, Progress, Grow.  This means that our Lead Learners are encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential.  We aim to prepare our Lead Learners to have the subject knowledge and confidence that are demanded by the best universities and employers in the country.  We have been very successful in recent years, with students regularly achieving places at Oxford, Cambridge or Russell Group universities.

The work to enable these students to achieve their full potential begins with identifying those young people who are Lead Learners.  We then provide opportunities for extended learning and enrichment.  Many of the opportunities in this area will take place beyond the normal school day and may include trips to top universities, additional projects to deepen their understanding or develop their study and communication skills.

All of the College staff take their responsibility for supporting Lead Learner students very seriously.  However, of equal importance is the support and development which students receive at home.

Departments use intervention and mentoring if under achievement is identified.

Please contact Mr Williamson at the College for more details.

Opportunities for extension: