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Exmouth Community College

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Welcome to the English Department

Our curriculum is intended to reflect the importance of English at both an educational and societal level.  It is our aim to broaden students’ breadth of study, building on the national curriculum content to deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum, with ambitious reading outcomes at its heart.  We believe that everyone can and should enjoy reading.  To this end, from the moment Exmouth learners join us, we foster high expectations around reading frequency and range, working continually with our library to successfully implement our Accelerated Reader programme and develop a rewards- based culture.

The transformative power of English can never be over-stated.  Within this, an effective curriculum is always an inclusive one:  in largely mixed ability classes, our learners are taught a carefully sequenced curriculum, in which prior knowledge is continually re-visited and built on.  Our aim in this is to equip all learners with the skills in reading, writing and oracy they will need need to flourish-  both in the classroom and beyond.  In addition to this, we aim to utilise literature as a platform for students to develop their cultural and spiritual understanding of the wider world beyond our wonderful  Exmouth community.

All the skills of language are essential in terms of an individual’s emotional and intellectual development; all the skills of language are essential to participating fully as a member of society.  Our intention that learners meet their academic potential, develop a love of reading for life and become independent critical and creative thinkers, is a direct reflection of this principle.