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Exmouth Community College

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The College takes a great number of photographs of students at work and uses these in publications such as, the Prospectus and displays around the site and the website. Students are not named and year and tutor group are not given. The identity of the child is protected from those who do not know them. We do not post any videos or pictures of students on any website which is not part of our own.

If you do not want photographs of your child to be used in College publications/displays/website, please ensure you make this clear on the data collection form that you will be asked to complete and return to the College at the beginning of each year.

Taking photographs or videos of students at College events: we would ask that you establish your identity with the staff in charge before the event or contact the College prior to the event. You may be asked to complete a permission form.

Students taking photographs

Students may not use any form of technology to take pictures/videos of other students or staff at the College.  Neither must they upload any such pictures to any social media or other websites.

Parents/Carers taking pictures at College:

You should consult the member of staff in charge. You must not place any pictures of students/staff taken at such events in the public domain without their specific permission.


The College site is covered by CCTV for the safety and security of staff and students. Images are stored from the system and may be shared with the Police, if necessary.  Images from the cameras are never published or shared with Parents/Carers.  The screens and associated equipment are in a private secured area.