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Media and Film Studies

The Media and Film Studies department continues to be successful in engaging students in a wide variety of courses and developing a broad skill set, including both theoretical study and creative practice. The department is passionate about supporting students on a pathway through both Key Stage 4 and Post-16 which develops the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to allow them to access higher education or training within the media and creative industries.

Becoming "media literate" is more important than ever as today’s society places ever increasing demands on us to be able to access, critique and question a vast range of media texts, as well as having the communication and design skills to produce our own.  Studying high-quality film-making allows us to follow narratives, empathise with characters from different backgrounds or cultures and to explore the motives of the director.  Learning to "read" a film fosters a broad frame of reference allowing us to better function in global society.

As a department, we are proud of the opportunities we offer to our learners to further develop their practice outside of the classroom.  In previous years, students have been involved in projects such as the production of a music video for the band 'Elbow', as well as a number of acclaimed short films.

Key Stage 4 Programme of Delivery

GCSE Media Studies

We deliver the new EDUQAS GCSE Media Studies (9-1) specification which comprises of two externally examined components (70% of overall grade) and one internally assessed coursework component (30%).

Component 1: Exploring the Media

This 1hr 30min exam will test understanding of media language, audience, industry and representation through questions on a range of familiar media texts studied in class as well as some unseen material. Media  products studied for this component are set by the exam board and cover newspapers, movie marketing, advertising, magazines, video-games and radio. The paper will consist of short questions and ones requiring    a more developed answer.


Component 2: Understanding Media forms and Products                                             

This 1hr 30min exam will test understanding of the whole media framework in relation to the music industry and television. This exam is focused on music industry and television texts set in advance by the exam board and consists of four questions requiring a more developed answer.


Component 3: Creating Media Products  

This non-exam assessment will be on an individual media production in response to a brief set by the exam board. This will be completed during the summer term of Year 10.


Key Stage 5 Programme of Study