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Exmouth Community College

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The History Department at Exmouth Community College is made up of six members of teaching staff, all of whom are passionate about History.  We are housed in six classrooms across the two sites and the impressive displays in all of these rooms reflects our commitment to our subject, as well as serving to inspire and motivate our students.

As a department, our ethos is to ensure that students enjoy their study of History and are challenged to achieve their full potential. Our lessons are engaging and clear links are made to the present day.

History is a popular subject at GCSE - being the largest option subject for a number of years and at Post 16. The is largely due to our interesting curriculum, as well as the commitment we show to our students.  As a result, our results at A level have been good and we achieved many of the higher grades in the new GCSE exam.

In addition to the day to day teaching of History, we also encourage students to take a wider interest in the subject as a whole.  We offer trips to the Battlefields of World War I, Berlin, London and local theatre performances.

Literacy is a huge part of the study of History and we support students’ literacy by encouraging them to read around the subject - providing both fiction and academic texts and working closely with the library.

We firmly believe that the study of History is hugely important to students, both learning the context of their own lives, as well as developing the academic skills of analysis and interpretation that will be invaluable to them in their lives ahead.