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Exmouth Community College

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Pastoral Care

Your son/daughter will be placed in a tutor group in Year 7.  Students stay in the same tutor group for five years (except in special circumstances). If at all possible the tutor will stay with the group for at least three years until the end of Year 9.  In some cases, the tutor may care for a group from Years 7 to 11.  A new tutor takes over at Post 16.

The tutor is one of the most important roles fulfilled by teachers at the College.  The College places great importance on the care and personal development of all our students. Tutors see their tutor group every morning for registration and will deal with day-to-day problems, including academic oversight.  Tutors check Homework Diaries at least once a week.

The College will deliver a Personal Development programme which helps your child develop broader skills and a better understanding of relationships, health and living in the wider world.  For further details please see the Personal Development section of the website.  Sex and Drug Education is included in the Personal Development programme to foster knowledge, understanding and personal social responsibility.  If you have concerns contact your child’s tutor in the first instance.

Children in Care

The College also makes provision for children in the care system, working with the local authority, social services, and other agencies to plan provision and create the best outcomes for these young people.  The Designated Teacher is: Nick Smith

The Head of Year and Senior Pastoral Staff can be contacted via our Contact Page