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Health & Care


Due to a growing population, the demand for health and social care workers has never been greater, with an array of career opportunities at hand. Gaining qualifications in the health and care sector has therefore never been so relevant.

That in mind, the Health and Care department is committed to delivering high quality lessons that inspire and motivate students to succeed and ultimately work towards obtaining a career within the health and social care sector.  A vocational element strongly underpins the ethos of the department with outside employers and guest speakers playing a key role in all subjects. The department takes great pride in its professional relationship with local employers and makes great use of all opportunities available to enhance the student experience.

In conjunction with the core vocational element running through the department a strong commitment is focused on developing the literacy and numeracy skills of all its students.  Seeing every student grow into independent thinkers and confident learners lies at the heart of the department.

The programme of study on offer is highly inclusive and caters for a wide range of abilities.  At Key Stage 4, students will study a GCSE equivalent in Health and Social Care.  At Key Stage 5, depending on ability, students can study a level 2 BTEC in Health and Social Care or a level 3 BTEC in Health and Social Care.  A level 3 BTEC is also offered in Children’s Play, Learning and Development which is ideal for students considering a career in primary education.

As students progress through their courses, they will be given opportunities to undertake work experience placements in a variety of settings that can include working with children, young adults, older adults or individuals with special needs.  This helps to equip the young people with the necessary skills for employment and or higher education.

With 60 post 16 students currently enrolled onto Health and Care courses at Exmouth Community College, it is clear to see that studying health and care is a popular choice and is in growing demand.

Statement of Intent – Health and Care Department

The Health and Care Department’s overall curriculum is designed to recognise each learner as an individual and to tailor learning around ability so that every student has an equal opportunity to learn and achieve to their maximum potential. We want students to enjoy their learning experience and to come to lessons feeling happy and safe and to have the confidence to try new things. Our aim is for students to make the connections between the theory they learn in the classroom to the wider world so that learning makes sense to them and has a clear purpose. The Department’s strong community involvement with guest speakers from outside agencies will help students to link theory with practice as well as compulsory work experience for our Post 16 Children’s Play, Learning and Development students. Our curriculum will also help students to learn about the importance of having good communication skills, being healthy, staying safe, and behaving respectfully. The learning experience will be underpinned by the teaching of skills, knowledge, concepts and values relating to health and care by experienced staff which will be further built on as students progress from key stage 4 to key stage 5 and from key stage 5 to either Higher Education, employment or training (apprenticeship).

The Health and Care curriculum will deliver lessons and subject content that will enable its learners to:

1. Know how to be healthy and safe

2. Show resilience and be the best they can

3. Be aspirational and understand their career options

4. Know how to behave well and respect other members of our community

5. Have confidence and be able to communicate effectively

6. Be mutually tolerant and empathetic individuals

7. Be knowledgeable and be able to deeply understand and recall information easily

8. Be skilled in applying this knowledge in a range of circumstances

The overall aim is for every learner to leave their health and care subject eager to continue with their learning, feel proud of their achievements, be kind and caring, demonstrate good communication skills, know about their career options and have the qualifications needed to compete in a competitive workforce.