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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Key Stage 4

BTEC Level1/2 Technical Award in Health and Social Care

Is this course for me?

This course would suit you if you have a genuine interest in working with people within a helping capacity and if you have a caring nature.  If being a social worker, teacher, paramedic, carer, occupational therapist, midwife, general nurse, mental health nurse, dental nurse, paediatric nurse, nursery worker or a special needs worker interests you then this course could be for you. These are examples of some of the careers available – there are many more, for example working with the police or in the prison service.             

What does the course involve?

Working in health and social care requires good verbal communication skills as well as good written skills.  These are the skills you will be helped to develop over the duration of the course.  The course involves a considerable amount of research and written work. 

You will:

  • Carry out primary and secondary research based on a selected individual
  • Analyse factors that affect growth and development
  • Investigate how individuals cope with different life events
  • Research different types of health and social care services and analyse barriers to accessing them
  • Explore the care values needed for the effective delivery of health and social care services and reflect on your own application of care values
  • Interpret health indicators
  • Design a person-centred health and wellbeing improvement plan and give advice on how to overcome obstacles to health and wellbeing
  • How will my work be assessed? You will complete three units over two years.  Two course work units and one exam.


Unit Title

Form of Assessment



Human Lifespan Development


Year 10


Health and Social Care Services and Values


Year 10


Health and Wellbeing

Synoptic external assessment (set task/exam)

Year 11

     What courses can this lead to in Post-16?

    On completion of this course you may progress to a level 2 course in Children’s Play, Learning and   Development or level 3 courses in Children’s Play, Learning and Development and Health and Social Care