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Due to the Coronavirus closure, please regularly check emails from the college for updated information, closure info here, the news feed and on ECC social media.

Ensuring that homework is effective is the shared responsibility of students,  staff and parents/carers.

The College believes that homework is an important factor in the educational development of its students. Homework should reinforce what has been taught in lessons: enhance learning; promote good study skills; link prior and future learning and develop time management skills.


All students will be set homework tasks which reflect their needs and ability. All homework set and whether it has been completed or not, is recorded on a central database and this is used by senior staff to monitor the setting and completion of homework at the College.

Students who fail to do three pieces of set homework for any one subject will be placed on Homework Report and the parents/carers will be informed.  If the student still fails to complete homework the parents/carers will be invited to a meeting with the Homework Co-ordinator to discuss further action.

No student should copy and paste from the Internet and the work they submit must be their own.


Homework will be relevant and include a variety of tasks: written work, research, learning, presentations, planning etc. Research tasks should be clearly defined with guidance for the student. Homework tasks are part of the schemes of work developed by each subject department.

Students must record homework set

Homework must be recorded in the Homework Diary with details of the date set, the date due and details of the task. The Homework Timetable in the Homework Diary should be completed by all students, through negotiation with their teachers, during the first week of each new term. Completion of homework by students is closely monitored and action taken if homework is not completed (see above).

The more I do my homework the more I understand: the more I understand the better grades I get."

Homework support at the college

Homework support for Key Stage 3 students is available every day except Friday between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. in Green Close Library.  The ICT Centre on Gipsy Lane, is open every day except Friday until 4.30 p.m.  The Key Stage 4 Study Support Centre is open every day between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. lunch-times and morning break.

Students should:

Record homework in the Homework Diary.

Complete homework to the best of his/her ability.

Submit homework on time.

The parent/carer should:

Oversee their child’s study to ensure homework is completed on time and to a satisfactory standard.

Check and sign the Homework Diary weekly.

Help their child balance homework and social commitments.

Provide a note of explanation if their child is unable to complete set homework tasks. This explanation should be in the Homework Diary.

Contact the appropriate member of staff if you have concerns over your child’s homework.

How Much Homework?

Year 7:  Approx. 30 mins. per subject

Year 8:  Approx. 40 mins. per subject

Year 9:  45 to 60 mins. per subject

Year 10 / 11:  Min. 60 mins. per subject

Time above relate to core subjects.

Homework Club

The Homework Club is for KS3 students and runs from Monday-Thursday 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

It is available for the completion of homework and is not for games.  The normal College rules and expectations apply.

Homework Diary

All students are issued with a Homework Diary each term.  Students MUST keep a record of all homework that has been set and parents/carers should check the book at least once a week for messages from staff and to see that your child is maintaining the book correctly.

You should use the spaces provided in the diary to communicate with College staff.

Class Notes

Staff will set homework using our online homework package: 'Class Notes'.

Homework will be recorded by students in their diary.
Students (and parents) can view the homework set by visiting the Class Notes website via the links provided on the College website.