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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Year 10 - KO's

Academic Year 2022-2023

At the beginning of each Half Term, Knowledge Organisers for the following Half Term's curriculum can be found here.
There will be six sets of Knowledge Organisers in a school year, starting with HT1.

  Autumn Spring Summer
  HT1 HT2 HT3 HT4 HT5 HT6
Biology L26-32  L45-59 L37-44     L60-68 L8-10 L80-87 L72-79
Chemistry Higher/Triple L26-36 L37-41 L42-51     L52-56 L70-79 L57-62 L63-69   L103-104
Chemistry Foundation L26-36 L37-41 L42-51     L52-56 L70-79 L57-62 L63-69
Physics PT20.1    PT20.2    PT26.1 PT31.1  PT38.1 PT38.2  PT38.3 PT47.1  PT52.1  PT52.2 PT61.1  PT61.2
Maths (Foundation) mathF1&2 matF3      
Maths (Higher) mathH1&2 matH3      
Computing whole year
ICT (Btec) whole year


engLit Lit core      
Geography liv world trop rainf desert econ world uk land river
History hist1-3 hist4-6
Religion (RPE)

life     environ    universe

Islam practices pillars1-3 pillars4-5
French whole year  
Latin lat1-2 lat3-4  
Spanish Whole Year
Art art
Business Studies bus1 bus2 Theme 1 for Year 10  
Dance dan1 AQA
Drama stages Greeks    
Health & Fitness (Btec)  whole year
Health & Social Care h&sc1    h&sc2 h&sc3    h&sc4  h&sc5
Enterprise & Marketing e&m
Media Studies concepts qual st girl can golden gun    
Music concerto world all topics
Physical Education (PE) whole year
Design & Technology (D&T)