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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Year 10 - KO's

Academic Year 2022-2023

At the beginning of each Half Term, Knowledge Organisers for the following Half Term's curriculum can be found here.
There will be six sets of Knowledge Organisers in a school year, starting with HT1.

  Autumn Spring Summer
  HT1 HT2 HT3 HT4 HT5 HT6
Biology L26-32  L45-59 L37-44     L60-68 L8-10 L80-87 L72-79
Chemistry Higher/Triple L26-36 L37-41 L42-51     L52-56 L70-79 L57-62 L63-69   L103-104
Chemistry Foundation L26-36 L37-41 L42-51     L52-56 L70-79 L57-62 L63-69
Physics PT20.1    PT20.2    PT26.1 PT31.1  PT38.1 PT38.2  PT38.3 PT47.1  PT52.1  PT52.2 PT61.1  PT61.2
Maths      unit 1     unit 2 unit 3     unit 4 unit 11     unit 12
unit 13     unit 14
Computing whole year
ICT (Btec) whole year


engLit Lit core      
Geography liv world trop rainf desert econ world uk land river
History medicine Nazi Germany
Religion (RPE)

life     environ    universe

Islam practices pillars1-3 pillars4-5
French whole year  
Latin lat1-2 lat3-4  
Spanish Whole Year
Art art
Business Studies bus1 bus2 Theme 1 for Year 10  
Dance dan1 AQA
Drama stages Greeks    
Health & Fitness (Btec)  whole year
Health & Social Care h&sc1    h&sc2 h&sc3    h&sc4  h&sc5
Enterprise & Marketing e&m
Media Studies concepts qual st girl can golden gun    
Music concerto world all topics
Physical Education (PE) whole year
Design & Technology (D&T)