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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Year 07 - KO's

Academic Year 2022-2023

At the beginning of each Half Term, Knowledge Organisers for the following Half Term's curriculum can be found here.
There will be six sets of Knowledge Organisers in a school year, starting with HT1.

  Autumn Spring Summer
  HT1 HT2 HT3 HT4 HT5 HT6
Biology 8.1 8.2 9.1 9.2 10.1 10.2
Chemistry particles separating metals acids earth
Physics forces elec solar energy waves
Maths  algebra applic angles
ICT / Computing practices



English novels writing reading   Shakespeare  
Geography maps Africa Africa    
History Norman religion magna carta black death medieval migration
Religion island Islam monotheism paganism Britain atheism
French vocab familles
Latin lat1&2 lat3    
Spanish themes me presento
Art abstracts portraits
Drama spies fantasy clown puppets Ernie
Music orchestra Spanish
Physical Education (PE) PE Whole Year
Discovery (AP) N/A


celebrations balance heroes
Design & Technology (D&T)