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Key Stage 4

History GCSE

The department are committed to helping our GCSE students reach their potential.  In Year 11, we run extra interventions for those who are struggling and revision guides are available from the school.

Is this course for me?

A History GCSE helps students develop skills of comprehension and analysis essential to many careers, such as journalism, law, management and administration. The course is constructed around the major ideas in History of change over time, in-depth analysis and the interpretation of the past. If you are interested in finding out the 'whys?' of our world then this course is for you!

What does the course involve?

'Medicine Through Time':

An overview and analysis of how people have understood and practised medicine from Medieval times to the present day. There is a special focus on surgery during World War I, which will be supported by a trip to the battlefields in France and Belgium.

Henry VIII 1509-1540

An in depth investigation into why and how Henry VIII changed England so much and the impact that those changes had on the country. This includes looking at his wives, the Reformation and the executions of those closest to him.

Super power relations and the Cold War 1941-1991

This investigates how countries such as Russia, America and Britain interacted during the Second World War and  why the  Cold War developed  after 1945.   It looks at the treatment of Germany after World War II  and how the conflict was finally brought to an end.

Germany 1918-1939

Charting the rise of Hitler and developments in Germany and Europe, which led to the Second World War and the Holocaust; events which still have a profound effect on our lives. This will be supported by an exciting new trip to Berlin!

How will my work be assessed?

There will be three exams at the end of Year 11.

What courses can this lead to in Post-16?

All of them.  History helps develop literacy, understanding, encourages inquisitiveness and empathy.  All study requires these attributes. Universities are increasingly looking to offer places to students who have a history qualification.  History is offered at A-level.