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Key Stage 4 Revision and Assessment / Exam Support

There is a clear strategy for supporting students in Key Stage 4, from the moment that they start Year 10. All Key Stage 4 students can access all of the resources shared in Class Charts, presented in Assemblies and discussed / modelled during Tutorial Time, from their Year Group 'Teams' tile (via Unify).

Below are some details regarding the key resources and guidance that is provided and recommended. ClassCharts is the system through which we update students, parents and carers, including sending updated resources and announcements. It is essential to monitor this system / application (App) weekly to ensure that you do not miss out.

Below is a sample of a presentation that is discussed in College, promoting the Year 11 Mock Exams and Summer Exams Revision Countdown. This resource is sent directly to Students via ClassCharts (attached below) to help plan 'what' to revise during each week, in each subject studied. During the Spring Term, accompanying this, we provide a Power Hour Revision Programme, detailing the Subject Specific Revision and Intervention sessions, that run weekly, after College.

(2023 Year 11 Mock 5-1 Countdown ppt to be added here shortly...).

Contained within the Revision Countdown resources are recommendations for how to revise, what to revise and when to revise, to help students manage their revision. Student should of course begin reviewing their new learning from the start of Year 10, to ensure that they understand what has been taught. 

Please also refer to the 'Knowledge Organiser' section of the website, to access the Year Group / Qualification specific Knowledge Organisers, and the guidance information upon how best to use them. Attached below is a copy of this guidance that includes how best to revise.

One of the most important things Key Stage 4 Students need to manage is their time! To help manage homework, ongoing review of learning, and targeted revision for assessments / exams, we recommend students have and routinely follow a 'Revision Timetable' (attached below).

Or create your own revision timetable here: Revision Timetable Maker / Study Planner (

Personal Learning Checklists

Students in Key Stage 4 will be introduced to Personal Learning Checklists (PLC's) in most subjects. These are documents that help students narrow down and target their revision to areas that they may not be as confident in, acting as a checklist. Again, this helps better manage time spent revising.

Students can access their PLC's direct from their Subject Teams area or from the Year Group Teams area.

Managing Exams and Wellbeing

Obviously, we want Students to understand and accept the challenges that accompany studying qualifications, and in the process, ensure that they can manage the associated pressures and feelings of anxiety / stress. Such feelings are normal and the very best way that Students can typically manage such feelings, is by being organised, using the advice and guidance that is provided.

Students can of course access the additional support that is available in the College, through discussion with their Tutor in the first instance. Such support and advice is routinely shared in College, within the Revision and Exams Preparation resources. Many of such recommendations and support is also accessible from the Student Wellbeing section of the Website.

Study Centre

We are fortunate to have a Study Centre, that is available for all Students to access / use, between 3pm - 4pm, Monday to Friday. Here, Students can complete Homework / Revision in a quiet space, access PC's and can receive Study and Revision Support from our dedicated staff. Students may be signposted here, to catch up on missed work or where they may require support if their academic achievement is not where it should or needs to be. Students are not able to access this space during the day.