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Exmouth Community College

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Key Stage 3

RPE students begin their 5 year learning journey by becoming aware of the complexity and fluidity of global religions and non-religions. We explore the key theme ‘What does it mean to be religious?’ through a distinctive RPE learning model called ‘The Island’.

With these strong foundations in place, we consider ‘How should we respond to inequality and discrimination?’. With carefully crafted schemes of learning and thoughtful teaching methods, we hope to create a genuine enthusiasm for the subject and a real thirst for knowledge and understanding of the subject that sets them up for year 9.

We then start a more in-depth study of the main religious tradition of Great Britain ‘Christianity: Beliefs and Practices’ to reflect the increased curriculum time and increased academic rigour of year 9. Students will then be in a position to apply this detailed knowledge and understanding of the religion to two themes.