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Examination board specification: OCR


At Post 16 we offer students the chance to develop their GCSE studies by studying some modern History, as well as looking at the Tudors.  As part of the Tudor course, Year 13 have the opportunity to attend a residential trip to London.  We also support students’ literacy and aim to encourage a desire to further their education by visiting the library at Exeter University, as part of their coursework research.


The Later Tudors

Investigate the scandal, war and politics of the Mid Tudor and Elizabethan period - Was Mary really ‘Bloody’?  Was Elizabeth’s reign really a 'Golden Age'?

Russia and its Rulers, 1855-1964

Consider how and why Russia has changed...or whether it has really changed at all!  Scrutinise the way that leaders treated their people - Stalin’s 'purges' and what they achieved.

The Cold War in Asia

Not for the faint hearted!  Look at the horrors of the Cold War in China, Cambodia, Korea and Vietnam. The Killing Fields and US policy towards Asia.

The Vietnam War

As part of your coursework, you will build on your knowledge from the examined cold war topic to scrutinise America’s involvement in Vietnam:  Why did they get involved? .... and more importantly, why did they lose?!

Where it leads:

History is a 'facilitating' subject, meaning that it leads ANYWHERE YOU WANT TO GO!  The skills acquired by studying the subject at Post 16:  Source analysis, research, developed writing - are suitable to many careers, as well as being required for most further study courses, making History a preferred A level by many Universities.

It can lead to careers in law, architecture, administration, politics, business, economics, as well as teaching and literacy based professions.

What do current Post 16 students say about it?

"History is the most fascinating subject by far." - Daisy

"If you have been thinking about taking History - DO IT! It’s even better than you think" - Arun

"The History Department is the best for supporting you throughout the course - both inside and outside of lesson time." - Josh

"The department are committed to helping you reach your goals - they are always willing to do the extra work to ensure you achieve a grade you can be pleased with." - Ben

"The classroom environment is so positive - you always feel encouraged and feel free to share your views" - Phoebe