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Exmouth Community College

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Information Technology

Examination board specification: BTEC Edexcel L3 IT
This IT course offers a practical hands-on approach to an industry that is one of the fastest and most rapidly changing.

It is a two year course consisting of 4 units that aims to give students a rounded approach to a large job market.  The course encourages personal development, motivation and confidence, through practical participation and by giving you responsibility for your own projects.

Units include: Information Technology Systems, Using Social Media in Business, Creating Systems to Manage Information and Website Development.

What do current Post 16 students say about it?

IT is definitely the subject that I enjoyed most over the course of post 16, despite having not studied it at GCSE. I achieved a great grade without the stress of exams and learned very valuable skills along the way.

If you’re not sure what you want to do after sixth form ICT is good as it is useful for almost any job and so long as you work hard, it is fairly easy to get a good grade and prepares you very well for the future.

I now have a portfolio of work to show employers or universities.

Where can this course lead?

This course could open your options for a digitally enhanced and globally competitive world, leading to university courses or a pathway to multiple careers.

Want more info? contact Mr Challands or Mrs Mills