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English Literature

Examination board specification: Eduqas

English Literature is a much coveted and prestigious A-Level.  It is included on the Russell Group’s list of recognised subjects and has long been recognised as a qualification that produces rounded, analytical thinkers, who can write with fluency and creativity. It is a subject which encourages you to think for yourself and expand your knowledge.  You will study a variety of novels, plays and poetry and the coursework component will allow you to choose and study contemporary novels that reflect your interests, whether that be through gender, identity, gothic horror, politics, slavery, humour, relationships....... the list is endless. This is the appeal of studying literature; it is not about the prescriptive regurgitation of facts; it is about independent thinking, opinion,  interpretation and creativity.


Journalism, print marketing, digital marketing, politics, speech therapy, writing, web site design, research, TV and print advertising, education, teaching, local government, television, script writing and many more.

Exam Board: EDUQAS

Component 1: Poetry

Component 2: Drama

Component 3: Unseen poetry and prose.

Component 4: Coursework. The study of one 21st Century and one pre 21st Century novel.

“I have learnt so much through studying Lit, it makes you think about history, world events and human relationships in a unique way that you don’t get in other subjects.” Ellen Chivers - Year 13.

“English Literature re kindled my passion for reading and enjoying books again”    Neave Paterson - Year 13.

“You get to really know, understand and enjoy texts in a way that is so different to GCSE”                                                                                                                                   Lucy Ward - Year 13.