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English Language

Examination board specification: Eduqas


English Language A-Level offers you the unique opportunity to study how language is shaping and changing our lives. Would you like to study how Donald Trump used language to become the most powerful man on earth? Or how Russell Brand switches from talking like a cockney barrow boy to high brow intellectual?  Then a course of language study is for you.  You will have the opportunity to study a unit on 21st Century Language studying a range of texts including social media, You Tube blogs, newspaper and magazine journalism and web pages.  Creative Writing is examined in the Component 3 exam and you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills by writing in a variety of fiction and non fiction forms including, travel writing, biography and magazine articles.



Journalism, print marketing, digital marketing, politics, speech therapy, writing, web site design, research, TV and print advertising, education, teaching, local government, television, script writing and many more.

Exam Board: Eduqas

Component 1:   Spoken Language and Language Issues.

Component 2:   Language Change and 21st Century Language

Component 3:   Creative and Critical Writing

Component 4:   Language Investigation Coursework on Identity

“I have learnt so much this year and it has really helped improve my writing.”             Alex Craib - Year 13

“There are not many subjects which have relevance to your everyday life. You will find yourself analysing the language of adverts and the spoken language of friends and family.”                                                                                                                                 Ellen Chivers - Year 13

“My language investigation took me on a journey from Ali G to the East End of London. highly recommended.”                                                                                                      Asher Lake  - Year 13

“English Lang will help with all your subjects as your writing skills improve.”             Isaac Besley - Year 13