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Exmouth Community College

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Graphics (Art & Design)

What will I study? 

Art Graphics is a creative and inspiring 2 year course working in sketchbooks, and on boards, and making 3 to 4 finished outcomes. The course is Art based, but with a Graphics twist, that allows you to explore a wide range of materials, processes and techniques accumulating in fully made pieces. The course is practical and requires personal investigation on given themes, where you explore and develop ideas through the medium of graphics. 

You will be encouraged to visit interesting places and develop modern and historic processes as well as develop a personal response through investigating the work of other artists and designers. 

Assessment: 60% coursework 40% exam. 

What can I do with it? 

There are many University courses that utilize the skills and processes learnt on this course, including Gaming Design, Media, Digital Print, Graphic Design, Interior Design. 

Contact: Miss Franklin