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Exmouth Community College

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Textiles (Art and Design)

A Level Textiles (Art & Design) - AQA

What will I study?

Art Textiles is a creative and inspiring 2 year course working in sketchbooks, and on boards, and making 3 to 4 finished outcomes. The course is Art based, but with a Textiles twist, that allows you to explore a wide range of materials, processes and techniques accumulating in fully made pieces that could be wearable or sculptural. The course is practical and requires personal investigation on given themes, where you explore and develop ideas through textiles.

You will be encouraged to visit interesting places and develop modern and historic processes, whilst using a wide range of equipment, in order to design, decorate and make unique and individual fabrics and products. It’s a lot of artistic fun!

Assessment: 60% coursework 40% exam.

What can I do with it?

Our students are widely accepted for Art and Textiles foundation and degree courses such as Bournemouth Art and Illustration, Plymouth Theatre Costume, London and Westminster School of Art- Fashion Degree, Falmouth Fashion Design and many more.

What other students say:

The course is organised well with excellent tuition.

Textiles has an excellent pass rate and now I can see why.

There is a friendly, comfortable atmosphere to work in, making it a pleasure to attend classes.

 Contact: Mrs Browne, Mrs Pearson and Miss Williams