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REVISION (Year 10 KO's)

Here you will find the KO's from your previous academic year (2020-21). Use them to refresh and build on your knowledge for this year.

Academic Year 2020-2021

Year 10 - KS4




Art 10Art as HT1 as HT1 as HT1 -  
Biology - HT2_10Bio HT3_10Bio HT4_10Bio -  
Business Studies HT1_10Bus HT2_10Bus


as HT1/2/3 HT5_10Bus HT6_10Bus
Chemistry - HT2_10Che HT3_10Che HT4_10Che



Computing HT1_10Com as HT1 to follow to follow -  
Design & Technology HT1_10D&T rotation see HT1 HT3_10D&T rotation rotation  
D&T - Engineering HT1_10D&Te rotation - see HT1 as HT1 rotation rotation  
D&T - Food HT1_10D&Tf rotation - see HT1 HT3_10D&Tf HT4_10D&Tf HT5_10Food  
D&T - Graphics HT1_10D&Tg rotation - see HT1 rotation - see HT1 rotation rotation  
D&T - Textiles HT1_10D&Tt rotation - see HT1 rotation - see HT1 rotation rotation  
Dance 10Dan          
Drama 10Dra as HT1 as HT1 as HT1 -  
English HT1_10Eng HT2_10Eng HT3_10Eng HT4_10Eng HT5_10Eng  
French HT1_10Fre HT2_10Fre As HT2 HT4_10Fre -  
Geography HT1_10Geo as HT1 HT3_10Geo as HT3 HT5_10Geo  
Health & Fitness BTEC - 10H&F as HT2 as HT2 -  
Health & Social Care HT1_10H&S HT2_10H&S As HT2 HT4_10H&S -  
History HT1_10His as HT1 as HT1 HT4_10His -  
ICT BTEC HT1_10Ict as HT1 to follow to follow -  
Latin HT1_10Lat Sources HT3_10Lat to follow -  
Marketing & Enterprise HT1_10M&E - HT3_10M&E as HT1 & 3 -  
Maths - Foundation HT1_10MaF as HT1 HT2_10MaF HT4_10MaF Ht5_10MaF  
Maths - Higher HT1_10MaH as HT1 HT3_10MaH HT4_10MaH Ht5_10MaH  
Media Studies HT1_10Med HT2_10Med HT3_10Med as HT3 -  
Music HT1_10Mus HT2_10Mus HT3_10Mus HT4_10Mus -  
PE 10PE          
Physics - HT2_10Phy HT3_10Phy HT4_10Phy -  
Religion (RPE) HT1_10Rel as HT1 HT3_10Rel as HT3 - HT6_10Rel
Science HT1_10Sci - - - -  
Spanish HT1_10Spa HT2_10Spa HT3_10Spa as HT3 -