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ICT - Information and Creative Technology BTEC (Level 2)

What’s in the course?

This qualification has a core of underpinning knowledge, skills and understanding, and a range of options to reflect the breadth of pathways within the IT sector. It offers a practical hands-on approach to an industry that is one of the fastest and most rapidly changing. It is a one-year course consisting of 9 units that provide an opportunity to:

● Gain a broad understanding and knowledge of a vocational sector.

● Investigate areas of specific interest.

● Develop essential skills and attributes prized by employers, further education colleges and higher education institutions.

Units include:

The Online World, Technology Systems, A Digital Portfolio, Creating Digital Animation, Creating Digital Graphics, Spreadsheet Development, Computer Networks, Website Development, and Installing and Maintaining Computer Hardware.

Examination Specification: Pearson BTEC 

What do previous Post 16 students say about it?

“The level 2 IT course allowed me to carry onto the next year of education and also gave an insight into the level 3 course. It gave me more time to decide what I wanted to do in the next two years.”

“The course taught me valuable life skills and specific skills to IT that I will be able to use throughout my entire life and in any job I get into.”

Want more info?

Contact: Mr Challands