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Modern Languages

Welcome to the Languages Department.

The Languages department at the College is vibrant and extremely successful. All our students are offered a programme of study that enables them to access the language that they are studying in a fun but educational way. Our main ethos is to stretch and challenge all students whilst offering a broad curriculum which allows each and every student the opportunity to become a confident language speaker.

Languages are important to the global economy and allow us to communicate effectively with others. Each and every student can be creative in the way that they learn and there are many different strategies given to them, to enhance their understanding of the language they are studying. In the classroom, we use a variety of activities to ensure that every student is engaged and able to access the curriculum.   Instilling confidence is paramount and this starts in Year 7.   We aim to instil the core skills: grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading, speaking and writing so that they are able to communicate effectively by the time they leave us.

The programme of study consists of learning French and Spanish at Key Stage 3, with the option of choosing either or both as a GCSE option.  We have just started teaching Spanish in Year 7, alongside French, so that all students have the chance to study both. Numbers at GCSE and A Level are continuing to grow despite being an optional subject and many of our students go on to study Languages at Russell group universities.  To enhance and provide further opportunities for our students we offer trips abroad to give them the chance to enhance their skills and practise their chosen language.

Year 10 Schedule of Work

During Year 10, we concentrate on Identity and Culture (Theme 1) and part of Local, National, International and global areas of interest (Theme 2).

We focus on key grammar points as we teach and ensure that students are competent in these whilst also ensuring that we cover the four main skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Translation is also another key focus.

We assess on a termly basis and use GCSE style questions so that students familiarise themselves with them over the two years, leading up to the final GCSE in the Summer of Year 11.  At the end of Year 10, all language students will have a mock speaking exam so that they can become more confident in the style of examination.

Year 11 Schedule of Work

In Year 11, we focus on the remainder of Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest (Theme 2) and Current and Future Study and Employment (Theme 3).

Once we have finished teaching the three main themes, we spend the remainder of the time revising and preparing for the speaking exam.

Assessments will take place during the Year 11 mock week(s) although the speaking exam normally takes place 2/3 weeks before then. Other assessments are factored in at various points throughout Year 11.