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Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, students study French and Spanish from Year 7. During their language lessons we encourage all students, regardless of prior knowledge, to actively take part in lessons through whole class, group, pair or individual work - covering a variety of topics and activities. Grammar is taught from the beginning, as this is fundamental to communication and the schemes of work are written to ensure progression, from the start, for students of all abilities.

We liaise with our feeder primary schools and are confident that the language teaching we offer reinforces and extends what students have already been taught. At Key Stage 3, we work on four main skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing and ensure that these are built into our programmes of study so that we can develop the key areas needed to succeed at GCSE and beyond.  Everything we do is based around ensuring that students are:

  • Confident speakers of languages
  • Able to communicate when abroad
  • Enthusiastic and resilient

Course content

Over the three years at Key Stage 3, students will study topics such as Self, Family and Friends, Where I Live, Free time, Technology, School and Food and Drink. Alongside this, we incorporate all the key grammar needed such as different tenses and translation skills. This enables students to prepare for GCSE and A Level, should they wish to opt for a Language and we embed the key GCSE examination elements into our Key Stage 3 assessments.

Main topics covered in Year 7


French & Spanish

Autumn Term


Numbers, alphabet, phonics, basic greetings, dates, birthdays, classroom instructions, colours, classroom objects, cultural introduction to the country of study.

Spring Term


Numbers, family, animals and pets, adjectival agreements, physical descriptions and personality, irregular present tense verbs and traditions relating to the country of study.

Summer Term


Describing where you live and/or free time activities, town.


In Year 8, students are offered the opportunity to practise/enhance their French skills at the Chateau de la Baudonnière in Normandy. This trip has been running for six years and has been extremely successful.

In Year 9, students are offered the chance to visit Cádiz, Spain where they are immersed in Spanish language and culture.  We stay at the Sparks residence in Cádiz.