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Key Stage 3 Art

Throughout KS3 students are constantly learning new skills and identifying their strengths. Progress is measured by a drawing assessment at the start and end of each year.
As well as regular feedback on completion of individual tasks, students have an End of Project Assessment Sheet where they discuss their strengths and areas for improvement. The latter then become their targets for the next project. As well as self and peer assessment on individual pieces of work, students complete a 'Response' sheet after each termly College Progress Report, which again focuses on self-evaluation and how to make progress. In KS3 Art and Design we follow a set curriculum which ensures consistency of skills across the board.  Each project includes a 'Critical' element where students learn about an artist and/or an art movement which relates to their topic.

Year 7:

In Year 7, students undertake the following three projects:  ‘Visual Elements’, ‘Self Image’ and ‘Recreating Landscapes’. The diverse nature of the subject matter gives a broad based course and covers many skills.

Visual Elements, is important as it teaches the fundamentals of: Line, Tone, Colour, Pattern, Texture, Shape and Form. This then equips students with the necessary skills to apply what they have learnt to future topics.

Self Image, teaches the basics of portraiture with relation to structure and with reference to a range of artists.

Recreating Landscapes, is involved with aerial perspective and introduces a wider range of media and techniques.  We look at a variety of landscape artists and the way that 3D space can be achieved.

Year 8:

In Year 8, students undertake the following three projects: 'Objects and Viewpoints', 'What’s in a Building' and 'Shared View'.

Objects and Viewpoints, aims to improve students’ structural drawing and look closely at the 'Cubist' Art Movement with relation to Picasso, Braque and other associated artists. Students produce a semi-abstract final outcome.

What’s in a Building, looks at perspective and artists/architects such as Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright and Hundertwasser.

Shared View, looks at art from other cultures across the world such as Aboriginal, Mexican Day of the Dead, Indian Mehndi and Gambian to name a few.

Year 9:

In Year 9, where the timetable permits, students follow set modules with a change of staff and course each term.  During the first term all students study Drawing and Painting; during terms two and three they study Printmaking and 3D. This structure was introduced several years ago to give students specific skills which they would need should they choose GCSE Art and also to give those who find drawing and painting challenging, the chance to use a broader range of skills with less emphasis on structural drawing.

Drawing and Painting concentrates on combining more advanced skills and a mini course of 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' in which students learn to observe and draw through a variety of short exercises.

Printmaking aims to give students the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques such as Monoprint/Monotype; Dry Point Etching (Intaglio); Lino/Polystyrene (Relief Print) and Collagraph (Relief or Intaglio).

3D gives students the opportunity to experience working in clay or materials such as chicken wire, mod-roc or cardboard.  We look at ceramic artists and sculptors to inform the work.