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Welcome to the Drama Department.

"Tell me and I will forget.

Show me and I will remember.

Involve me and I will understand."

Chinese Proverb

We are extremely proud to teach Drama in College across all 3 Key Stages. A kinaesthetic and challenging subject which is an integral piece to a child’s rounded education. The department is a dedicated and passionate team of three full time, and two part-time teachers who all share a genuine love of theatre; both in performing and also in the history and theory behind making theatre.

Within Drama lessons we stimulate creativity through problem solving. We challenge students’ perceptions of the world we live in and of each other. We hold a mirror up to society and explore outcomes and consequences.  Drama teaches empathy and tolerance.  It asks us to think again, to make judgements and to not take people and circumstances on face value. We study History and Literature to understand how to write and perform a play.  Students have the opportunity to become someone new, experiment with personality and build confidence in their own ideas and beliefs. Dramatic exploration provides students with an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not otherwise have means to express. They learn to articulate themselves. They learn to persevere and work independently. They build resilience and work as part of a team. They take responsibility for their own progress and are forced to be reflective of their own ability, whilst learning to be constructive in their feedback of others.

As teachers, we make it our mission to open our students’ eyes to new opportunities that they might not have considered before. Through our connections and partnership with local theatres and by travelling to other parts of England and abroad, we offer exciting and different experiences to all students in College.

Key Stage 3 Drama lessons, lay the foundation for learning the skills and theatrical knowledge needed to progress through to Key Stage 4 and 5. We are a popular subject for GCSE - many students take Drama as an option and continue on to Key Stage 5, where we offer two pathways for further study: A Level Theatre Studies is steeped in the history of theatre and gives students the opportunity to study many different theatre practitioners and styles, whilst developing writing and performing skills. The BTEC Performing Arts offers a more practical course which gives a recognised qualification for employment as well as University.  Many of our students go on to study Drama at a higher level and secure jobs in the world of TV, Film, Theatre and the Media.

College Productions

There is nothing more challenging and exciting than being part of a  College production.  Whether it is a well known large scale musical or a small diverse play, the experience of being part of a cast and taking a performance from page to stage is one that can never be forgotten. We stage one full scale production a year, with many smaller productions and performances throughout the year also. Students experience firsthand what it is like to be in a theatre company and are given the opportunity to learn even more Drama skills whilst showing off their talents. In addition to this, we run clubs for those wanting to learn more about Drama and Musical Theatre as well as offering opportunities to learn how to run the technical elements of our shows and performances.