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Key Stage 4

Drama at GCSE is taught in small class numbers which allows teaching to be very personalised, with each student receiving a significant amount of time and feedback on their work, both practical and theory, throughout the two year course. The course builds on the knowledge students acquired in Key Stage 3 and extends their love of theatre even further with classroom work, trips to the theatre, working with professional theatre companies and actors and performing in College productions, if desired.

What does the course involve?   There are three components to this exam:

1   Understanding Drama

Students will be expected to attend performances organised by the department as part of the requirements of the course and answer three questions in the written exam.

2   Devised Work

The devised work must contain both elements of improvisation and script – extracts from plays, verse or prose and be of original work.  Students will be expected to keep a devising log based on the practical work.

3   Texts in Practice

This is a practical module in which students prepare, perform and evaluate two script extracts for performance.

How will my work be assessed?

Understanding Drama – 40% of GCSE

This is 1hr 45 min written examination.  This is worth a maximum of 80 marks and is sat at the end of the course in Year 11.

Over the next two years, you will have plenty of practical and theoretical opportunities to develop the necessary skills and understanding to answer the three compulsory sections of the written paper:

Section A:           Multiple choice questions relating to theatre terminology              (4 marks)

Section B:            Four questions on a given extract from a chosen set play              (44 marks)

Section C:            One question about a single live production you will see               (32 marks)

Devising Drama – 40% of GCSE

This is a practical module in which you will be given opportunity to develop your devising skills.  Using a given stimulus you will develop a group performance for examination.  The emphasis is very much on your development so a maximum of 60 marks are awarded for your devising log and 20 marks for your devised performance.

Texts in Practice – 20% of GCSE

This is a practical module in which you will develop and produce two script extract performances for examination.  There is a maximum of 20 marks for each of the performances.

What courses can this lead to in Post-16?

GCSE Drama is a natural pathway into Post-16 Drama and Theatre Studies for those students who wish to develop both their skills and a deeper level of theoretical understanding.  The benefits of this subject are vast as the communication, team building and academic skills you will acquire will be paramount in a variety of careers to include: Law, Social Services, Teaching, the Armed Forces as well as the Performing Industry itself.