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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Principal's Welcome

At the heart of our College, are the fantastic students who make Exmouth Community College a very special place in which to learn and work. We are a College where everybody matters and everybody’s talents and successes are encouraged and celebrated. Our staff are absolutely committed to providing the best possible education for every child and work tirelessly to ensure that no child gets left behind. This commitment results in excellent relationships between staff and students which subsequently, produces learners who achieve highly and are well prepared for life after they leave our College.

Our philosophy is centred on three core principles that underpin our work:

  1. Consistently excellent teaching everyday which challenges, inspires and engages students in deep learning which is built upon an imaginative, relevant and differentiated curriculum. These experiences are complemented by an extensive extra-curriculum programme which allows all students the opportunity to develop wider skills such as, teamwork, empathy and leadership, that will increase their employability and expand their horizons.
  2. Outstanding pastoral care which recognises every student as an individual and is able to provide effective support, as and when it is needed, while treating students with humanity and respect.
  3. Ensuring our College is at the heart of our community and maximises every student’s potential for lifelong learning which secures them fulfilling employment, resulting in a high quality of life where they can contribute positively to the community within which they live.

The College has high expectations of everyone and places a great emphasis on students working hard to be the best they can be, in everything they do. We do place a great importance on the academic achievement of every individual student, however, we also recognise that students learn better when they are happy and enjoy attending school, which is where our very broad and personalised curriculum, alongside a huge extra-curricular offer, can really inspire students.

Our simple aim is to provide a well-disciplined working environment with excellent teaching, complemented by sensitive and compassionate pastoral care. Our innovative curriculum allows students to follow personalised pathways matched to their individual needs and, when placed alongside the many opportunities, to provide students with memorable learning experiences that will last a lifetime, making a great educational experience which prepares students exceptionally well for later life.

We believe this results in a College which “inspires every student to be better than they ever thought possible.”

We look forward to welcoming you to our College.

Mr A Davis  

Principal - BSc(Hons) PGCPSE  NPQH