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Keeping Us Informed:

It is important that you keep the College informed of any change in family circumstances - this helps us to ensure the welfare of your child. Tell us of any changes to any details originally given on the admissions form.  It is also important that we hold two separate sets of contact details in case of emergency, so please ensure that we have a back up to contact other than the main Parent or Carer.


Please note: If any information changes regarding family circumstances and in particular, who has legal responsibility for your child, then you MUST inform the College. We cannot supply information to Parents/Carers about whom we do not know or who does not have legal responsibility for the child.



*Please tell us your land line/mobile telephone numbers and your email address



Email & Text Messages:           



Text messaging will be used to contact Parents/Carers in an emergency, relating to absence/discipline or to pass on information and reminders about Parents' Evenings and events at the College.


Email will be used to contact you in most instances. For example: information about College trips, communications regarding praise, awards, discipline, homework and behaviour.

Access to the College awards system online will not be possible unless we have a valid email address on our system.


*Your mobile number and working email address should be given on the data collection form that will be sent home OR telephone updates to: 01395 255720.


Keeping You Informed:

  • Our website is the place to get all the latest information and news about the College
  • We make every effort to get press coverage for the special things our students achieve
  • You will also receive emails/texts about your child regarding special events at the College
  • It is worth noting that any letters given to your child to be taken home, may well be lurking in your child’s bag.  We suggest a regular check!


We urge you to check your text and email messages on a regular basis.