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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

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Exmouth Community College

Gipsy Lane
Devon EX8 3AF

tel: 01395 264761


General enquiries 01395 264761
Key Stage 3 01395 255600
Key Stage 4 01395 255679
Post 16 01395 255660
Principal’s P.A. 01395 255665
Governors 01395 255626
Learning Support 01395 255739
SIMs/Data/online reports 01395 255663
Examinations 01395 255735
Lettings 01395 255715
Finance/Accounts Office

01395 255724
Music Tuition Payments 01395 255715

Pastoral/Academic Matters

The names of key staff and their responsibilities are listed below so that you are able to contact them if your initial enquiry via the Homework Diary is unsatisfactory.

Informing us that your child is ill. (see Illness)

Telephone the college between 8.10 and 8.30

Key Stage 3: 01395 255635 / 01395 255600

Key Stage 4: 01395 255651 / 01395 255679

Should you wish to make an enquiry or comment regarding Pastoral or Academic matters we ask that, in the first instance, you address your enquiry to the Tutor or appropriate Subject Teacher via the Homework Diary.

Academic problems/queries

Contact the Head of Subject Department. Use direct line numbers given on this page or telephone 01395 264761 and ask for the named staff.

Pastoral care/tutoring (e.g. bullying)

Contact your son/daughter’s Tutor via the Homework Diary or letter.

More serious complaints

These should be addressed to the appropriate Head of Year in the first instance. See below:

Contact a Head of Year 2018-19

The numbers below are for each year office where the full time pastoral support staff are able to answer your call and deal with, or pass on, your enquiry/concern. (Heads of Year will be Teaching for much of the day.)

Year Group Staff members Office Number
Year 7 Ms Leslie (Year Head)
Nicky Hall  (Year 7 Pastoral Support)

01395 264761

EXT. 5658

Year 8 Mr Dawkins (Year Head)
Natasha Pearcey  (Year 8 Pastoral Support)

01395 264761

EXT. 5667

Year 9 Ms Thorn (Year Head)
Hilary Millman  (Year 9 Pastoral Support)

01395 264761

EXT. 5614

Year 10 Mrs Merry (Year Head)
Kate Sargeant  (Year 10 Pastoral Support)

01395 264761

EXT. 5640

Year 11 Mr Findel-Hawkins (Year Head)
Angela Wakeham  (Year 11 Pastoral Support)

01395 264761 

EXT. 5755

Post 16 Ms Thomas
Lara Perryman (Post 16 Office)

01395 264761 

EXT. 5660

Contact Heads of Subject Departments

Telephone the College and ask for the Head of Department you require.

Head of Department Subject
Mrs Honour Art
Mr Simon Business Studies
Miss Westcott-Wolstenholme Careers / Enterprise
Mr Wright Citizenship / PSHE
Mr Brown Computing / ICT
Mrs Phillips Dance
Mr Turner Drama
Mrs Perry English
Mr Eynon Geography
Mrs Rawles Health and Social Care
Mrs Weller History
Miss Edwardson

Learning Support Unit

Mr Cadwallader Leisure and Tourism

Mr Glanville

Mr Stanier Media Studies
Mrs Gibbon Modern Languages
Mr Stock Music
Mrs Lowe Religion
Mrs Hale Science
Mrs Knight Social Science
Mr Lowe Sports and Leisure
Mrs Brown Technology
Mr Panton Work Related Learning