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Exmouth Community College

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Computing / ICT


Students are encouraged to use information technology in their work and are taught computing.  We ask Parents and Carers to encourage their children to read, because good literacy is a key element in successful learning using the Internet.  We have an extensive network of curriculum computers to which every student has access via a user name and password.  Every student has a unique area on the network.  Managed Internet access is available to all students.

Students’ use of the Internet:

Students’ use of the Internet can leave them vulnerable to a variety of risks from other users. The Principal is responsible for the safety and welfare of all students during the school day and will ensure, to the best of his ability, that they are protected and safe whilst in College.


We cannot filter and monitor home Internet connections and what your child is doing on the net at home - this is your responsibility.


We must emphasise how important it is that as Parents/Carers that you monitor and check your child’s use of the Internet at home. Our website includes links to useful guidance sites for Parents/Carers.

Any student who uses the web to bully or ridicule other students, or insult or denigrate staff will face the normal disciplinary procedures of the College.

E-bullying and abuse of students or staff, via social media or other online means, will not be tolerated.