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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Breaks & Catering


All students remain on site during break and lunch-time.

Exceptions may be made in cases of medical appointments or an emergency.

Staff Supervision

During the College day, arrangements are made for staff supervision of students from ten minutes before the start of the College day until ten minutes after the end of the College day.

We accept no responsibility for students on College premises before 8:20am or ten minutes after the close of school, unless they are here on an authorised and official College activity - in the care of a member of staff.     

Students must leave the site completely at the end of the College day unless involved in a College class or activity with staff supervision.


Catering is provided by dedicated outlets for specific Year Groups. The catering outlets are open at break and lunch-time.  Payment should be made via the sQuid system only.

Catering at Exmouth Community College, is managed and delivered by our own professional team under the leadership of an experienced Chef and Caterer.

Each of the bespoke eating areas has been designed by top professionals to ensure students have a great food experience.


Prices shown are for guidance only:

Hot & Cold Range

We offer a wide choice of food freshly prepared on site by our own catering team.

Baguettes - Sandwiches - Panini - Pizza - Baps - Burgers - Pasta  Fruit - Fruit Bags - Delights.

Huge assortment of  Cakes and Drinks.

Meal Deals -  Everyone can take part for only £2.50.

Mix and Match on your Meal Deal - It’s as easy as steps 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 Choose from:

  • A delicious Main Meal from the hot counter
  • A freshly prepared hot or cold Sandwich or Roll
  • A hot/cold Pasta Snack Pot
  • A Salad Pot

Step 2 Choose from:

  • A homemade Pudding with Custard
  • A Jelly / Yoghurt
  • Fruit Bag

Step 3 Choose from:

  • A Tetra Pack of Pure Fruit Juice
  • A Bottle of Water