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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Adverse Weather Update

School Open

Due to a large number of staff being unable to get to school from Exeter and the surrounding areas school will open at 11.20am.

Canteens will be open from 11am with normal lessons restarting at 11.20 due to a large number of staff being unable to get to school.

The Health and Care examination for Year 11 will progress as normal.

A message from the Principal Andrew Davies:

Dear Parents and Carers

Firstly my sincere apologies for the late notice about having to close this morning. 

As I put on the website and through our social media first thing this morning, we were fully intending to open today, however, that decision was dependent on the school site being safe and having enough staff able to get to school so that students could be supervised safely.

It became clear as staff started their journeys to school that, as well as those staff that were completely snowed in since they live further inland, there were large numbers who, despite trying really hard to get in, were going to be late. Unfortunately the numbers of staff affected by this only became apparent shortly before 8am and so a decision had to be taken that, given the circumstances, the school would have to close to allow more time for staff to arrive before we could accept all students. This was then immediately communicated to our communications team with messages going out that we would have to close but that students on their way in, already in or on buses would be supervised by the staff that had arrived on site. 

I apologise if students arrived on buses without a staff presence, however, we did have staff on gates around the school and across the site as far as we possibly could.

On arrival students made their way to Hall 2 or Hall 4 where students were supervised by staff and then allocated to their normal lesson, ICT rooms or rooms where groups had been combined. All students on site are being supervised.

In the meantime we have checked with all absent staff about their availability from 11.20 onwards and we believe we will shortly be back to a situation where most students can go to normal lessons. 

Therefore the school will re-open at 11.20 with the canteens open from 11.00am.

Thank you for your patience with regard to this matter and my apologies once again for the late notice but, hopefully, you can understand why we had to take that decision based on the staffing numbers available at that time.